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Lean And Healthy To 100

Weight loss, health, longevity finally made simple.

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Join the tens of thousands of people in over 9 countries who are learning how to become lean, healthy and long-lived easily and affordably by solving the root cause!

How to easily and affordably become lean, healthy and long-lived has already been figured out by brilliant physicians and scientists as long ago as the 1930′s. It’s all documented and available for anyone to see if you know where to look. (see About section for details). The problem is that an estimated 95% or more of the population has never been taught about their findings.

I stumbled upon their research during my thousands of hours of cancer and health research over 20+ years that I did to keep my own children disease-free. I pieced it together and taught it to my family. Then my kids suggested I put the research together in one place to help others – and that’s how Lean And Healthy To 100 was born. (see How We Eat)

I learned that the tens of thousands of health and weight loss “gurus” in America are severely overcomplicating weight loss and health. That’s why Americans have become the fatttest, sickest people on earth with the highest healthcare costs yet we only rank 35th in longevity. Yet, it’s all so simple and uncomplicated to solve if you just follow the 7 principles that create biological balance in your body. Once you do that, weight loss, health and longevity become effortless. (view testimonials)

Here’s how you can learn how to do it, as well:

  • Download for FREE, in the right margin, the first 96 pages of Lean And Healthy To 100. These pages contain a lot of valuable information that lays the foundation for the remaining 200 pages in the book.
  • If you like the first 96 free pages, buy the book for as little as $9.95 and read it with your loved ones.
  • Follow the 7 daily steps in the back of the book to balance and unconfuse your body and decide where you want to purchase the few yet necessary supplements. Here are the ones my family has tested and uses for “free”, just like you can.
  • Sit back and relax as you miraculously become less hungry, easily control your appetite, eliminate cravings and binge eating, shed weight, reduce pain, have more energy, sleep better, look and feel better and become healthier and longer-lived…without any deprivation or “work”, as your internal biology rebalances.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s just simple human biology and it truly is supposed to be this easy and it IS this easy. Please let me know how you’re doing via my contact page.

Best Of Health Always,

Gordon Filepas And Family (file – pass)


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